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RG18. AFL-CIO. International Affairs Department

 Record Group

Found in 10 Collections and/or Records:

AFL and AFL-CIO International Affairs Department, AFL Advisors to the United Nations Economic and Social Council records

 Collection 0014-LBR-RG18-008

The American Federation of Labor (AFL) maintained an interest in international trade unionism for many years. During World War II, David Dubinsky and Matthew Woll headed the AFL's international efforts. These papers are the correspondence of the AFL advisors to the United Nations Economic and Social Council from 1945 to 1952. Primary correspondents are Matthew Woll, David Dubinsky, and Toni Sender.

AFL and AFL-CIO International Affairs Department, Country Files

 Collection 0071-LBR-RG18-001

The AFL, CIO, and AFL-CIO all had an International Affairs Department that was responsible for international trade unionism activities. This collection represents those files maintained by certain AFL, CIO, and AFL-CIO staff members regarding particular regions and countries around the world. Materials in the collection include correspondence, conference materials, photographs, speeches, and reports.

AFL and AFL-CIO International Affairs Department records, International Labor Organizations

 Collection 0077-LBR-RG18-007

This collection documents the work of the AFL and AFL-CIO with various international labor organizations. The major portion of the collection has to do with the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), but groups of records having to do with the international trade union federations and trade secretariats and with the work of individual staff members also appear. Types of materials include minutes, correspondence, near print, publications, and photographs.

AFL-CIO International Affairs Department, Country Files

 Collection 0043-LBR-RG18-010
Abstract This collection continues the International Affairs Department, Country Files, 1945-1971 (RG18-001) and is comprised of those records, known as "country files," maintained by certain AFL-CIO staff members and filed according to specific countries. The collection consists primarily of reports made by representatives of trade union delegations, unions, and the AFL-CIO on the trade union movement and on the political, social, and economic situation in particular countries. Materials include...

AFL-CIO International Affairs Department, Serafino Romualdi records

 Collection 0045-LBR-RG18-009
Abstract The International Affairs Department was formed to promote free trade unionism throughout the world. Serafino Romualdi was involved with Latin American unions and later directed the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD) which focused on Central American countries. This collection contains materials documenting the AFL-CIO's relationship with trade unions and politics in the Central Americas including reports, correspondence, union contracts, minutes, speeches, and...

AFL-CIO International Affairs Department, European Office, Paul Barton papers

 Collection 0553-LBR

Paul Barton was a European Representative for the AFL-CIO, who served in the Paris Office during the Cold War. He worked for the AFL-CIO International Affairs Department from 1968-1994. His records represent the AFL-CIO’s international relationship with European countries from the 1960s to the 1990s. Materials include his personal writings, published manuscripts, and transcripts of radio broadcasts. Notable topics are the Prague Spring, and labor and Communism in Eastern Europe.

AFL and AFL-CIO International Affairs Department, Irving Brown papers

 Collection 0074-LBR-RG18-004
Abstract Irving Brown began his labor career as an organizer for the Automobile Workers Union in the 1930s and over his life played a major role in the formulation of the AFL-CIO's international labor policy. This collection contains those records Irving Brown created and collected while occupying several positions within the AFL and AFL-CIO, primarily his time as the AFL and AFL-CIO European representative, 1946-1961 and 1973-1978. The collections covers the topics of foreign policy of American...

AFL and AFL-CIO International Affairs Department, George Delaney papers

 Collection 0075-LBR-RG18-005
Abstract George Delaney was an international representative in the International Affairs Departments of the AFL and AFL-CIO from 1948 to 1970. This collection consists of Delaney's staff files he created and collected during his tenure. Of note are near print and printed materials that documents the conference and governing body activities of the International Labor Organization, 1949-1956. The collection also provides insight into the formation of the International Confederation of Free Trade...

AFL and AFL-CIO International Affairs Department, Jay Lovestone Files

 Collection 0073-LBR-RG18-003
Abstract Jay Lovestone was an major leader of the international labor movement through his work with Free Trade Union Committee, the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, and the AFL-CIO International Affairs Department, among many others. This collection contains a portion of Jay Lovestone's records for the years he worked most closely with the AFL and AFL-CIO. Types of materials in the collection include correspondence, reports, financial records, clippings, publications, photographs,...

CIO International Affairs Department, Michael H. S. Ross files

 Collection 0072-LBR-RG18-002

Michael Ross was the Director of the CIO International Affairs Department during World War II, and later served as Director of the AFL-CIO International Affairs Department from 1958 to 1963. This collection of primarly covers relations between officers at the CIO and the AFL and the effects of the Cold War on CIO policy toward Europe and the Soviet Union. Types of material include correspondence, clippings, minutes, reports, and subject files.