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RG13. AFL-CIO. Research Department

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--- Agency History --- After the 1940 convention the CIO established an Economic Division, headed by Ralph Hetzel, Jr., to prepare information and analyses on matters of national economic importance, including taxation, price control, and fiscal policy. In 1942 J. Raymond Walsh assumed the leadership of the newly named Department of Research and Education. Kermit Eby headed the department from 1947 to 1950 when Stanley H. Ruttenberg became director. --- The decision of the 1944 AFL convention to obtain the services and advice of persons technically trained in the analysis of issues of economic and industrial relations marked the first formal establishment of research services for the AFL. Ultimately known as the Research Department, this unit collected and analyzed information on issues of importance to the leaders of the federation. --- The bureaucratic structure of the AFL department was somewhat fluid until after the merger in December 1955, but by 1957 it had become the AFL-CIO Research Department headed by Stanley H. Ruttenberg. Ruttenberg was succeeded by Nat Goldfinger who served until his death in July 1976 when Rudolph Oswald became the director. The name of the department was changed in 1981 to the Economic Research Department. In August 1978 issues having to do with safety and health were transferred to a new Department of Occupational Health and Safety. A 1996 merger of the Economic Research Department with the Employee Benefits Department led to the formation of the Public policy Department. --- Anne Draper apparently came to work for the department as a para-professional in 1961 but by 1963 had become a research associate. In 1971 Draper became a department economist who specialized in issues of wages, prices, and consumer affairs. --- Staff List --- CIO --- Kermit Eby, director, 1947-1950; Katherine Pollak Ellicson, associate research director, 1950- ; Nathaniel Goldfinger, associate research director, 1950-1955; Ralph Hetzel, Jr., director, 1940-1942; Everett Kassalow, associate director, [1940] -1950; Stanley H. Ruttenberg, director, 1950-1955; J. Raymond Walsh, director, 1942-1947; --- AFL-CIO --- Arnold Cantor, assistant director, 1975- ; Frank L. Fernbach, assistant director, 1963-1968; Marvin Friedman, assistant director, 1967-1970; Nathaniel Goldfinger, assistant director, [1956]-1963, director, 1963-1976; Peter Henle, assistant director, 1957-1961; Rudolph Oswald, director, 1976-1996; Frank Pollara, assistant director, 1971-1972; Stanley H. Ruttenberg, director, 1956-1963; Henry Schechter, deputy director, 1981-1987.

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AFL-CIO Economic Research Department, Office of Wage and Industrial Relations Records, Anne Draper records

 Collection 0041-LBR-RG13-006

Anne Draper was a staff member and economist of the AFL-CIO Economic Research Department, specializing on issues of wages and prices. Her work shows the interest of the Federation on issues such as credit unions, consumer problems, and the women's movement. The Economic Research Department specialized on providing information about economic issues to the AFL-CIO. This collection consists of material created and collected by Anne Draper.