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Ann McMillan papers


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Collection of papers and scores by Ann McMillan

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Ann McMillan (1923-1994) box 1 (sent from ACA 7/9) Notes, Quotes, Limmericks by Edgard Varese; Notes on McMillan’s research on and friendship with Varese Varese programs and concert announcements Trip to Paris, France 1955-57 – concerts McMillan - Bennington college class notes as a student/teacher Varese tribute concert at the Palladium, NYC 1981 Varese – early editions of Ionisation, with composer signature. McMillan – WBAI radio projects Correspondence to McMillan from Pete and Toshi Seeger box 2 (sent 7/9) Correspondence with Louise and Edgard Varese Project Materials related to establishing an electronic music studio in New York – 1958 Several envelopes of Varese research and articles in various forms of editing and published. Radio broadcast scripts WBAI First Festival of Women’s Music (Electronic) 1978 box 3 (7/17) Reel tapes- McMillan various tape electronic pieces and source materials (whale sounds) Rhino Safari, Strings, Gong Song, Radio tape – McMillan presentation on “sound Poetry” KPFA Radio tapes (interviews with K. Penderecki, Earle Brown, Pete Seeger) box 4 (sent 7/9) McMillan music – score and work scores for Glass Reflections Script for Safari film box 5 (sent 7/9) McMillan - Reviews, Correspondence, notes, clippings box 6 (7/17) MacDowell colony residency - Corning, NY performance of Glass Reflections by Ann McMillan Music scores of Eduardo Soto Millan Hand drawings of “the White System for Talking Books (for the blind)” Talking Books Studios 1945. box 7 - (sent 7/9) Music research files 1960s - France, New York. box 8 (flat box) music scores – of Ann McMillan (7/17) Glass Reflections Strings for violin and tape A Little Cosmic Dust (copies) Cloud Forest for wind quintet and tape Spring Trio for cello, piano, and tape box 9 (7/17) Papers of Ann McMillan box 10 (7/17) Papers of Ann McMillan box 11 (7/17) Reel to Reel Tapes box 12 (7/17) Papers of Ann McMillan box 13 (7/17) Papers of Ann McMillan