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AFL Executive Council Correspondence, Minutes, and Vote Books

 Collection 0066-LBR-RG4-004

The Executive Council of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) was the governing body for the AFL, and continues have the same role for AFL-CIO now. This collection contains early records of the AFL including correspondence, vote books, and minutes of the Executive Council during the years 1896 to 1954.

AFL Executive Council, Samuel Gompers Memorial Committee records

 Collection 0008-LBR-RG4-005

The Executive Council is the executive body of the AFL and was responsible for the conduct of the federations' affairs between the annual conventions. This collection contains records, from 1924-1936, of the Samuel Gompers Memorial Committee including correspondence, extracts of Executive Council minutes, financial records, and one photograph, documenting the creation of the Samuel Gompers Memorial at Massachusetts Avenue at 10th Street NW in Washington, D.C.

AFL Federal Local Unions (FLUs) and AFL-CIO Directly Affiliated Local Unions (DALUs) Charter records

 Collection 0016-LBR-RG28-001
Abstract Administered by the AFL-CIO Office of the Secretary-Treasurer, and later the AFL-CIO Organizing Department, this collection contains an annotated listing of charter grants for AFL Federal Local Unions (FLUs) and AFL-CIO Directly Affiliated Local Unions (DALUs), an index, and charter record forms for DALUs from 1924 to 1981. FLU and DALU charters were granted to local organizations of wage workers who were also trade unionists but not members of any affiliate. The collection provides a quick...

AFL Office of the President, Building Cornerstone collection

 Collection 0013-LBR-RG1-040

On January 8, 1916 historically significant papers and memorabilia of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) were placed into a cornerstone of the AFL Headquarters building by labor leaders of that time period. This multi-media collection consists of AFL reports and proceedings, laws and hearings, photographs, an AFL badge, pennies, and a granite chip of the cornerstone.

AFL Office of the President, political correspondence

 Collection 0032-LBR-RG1-012

This collection of miscellaneous political correspondence consists of letters from American presidents, secretaries and under-secretaries of executive departments and agencies and from state governors. These letters were sent to American Federation of Labor (AFL) Presidents Samuel Gompers and William Green between 1908 and 1944.

AFL Office of the President, Rosa Lee Guard papers

 Collection 0015-LBR-RG1-010

Rosa Lee Guard was secretary to Samuel Gompers. Her papers consist of four folders that include her poetry, clippings of magazine and newspapers articles, her Br'er Rabbit stories and messages and magazine clippings of Br'er Rabbit stories by Joel Chandler Harris. Br'er Rabbit was Samuel Gompers' mascot and the creative stories written by Guard set Gompers as the inspiration for the rabbit character.

AFL Office of the President, Samuel Gompers and Woodrow Wilson correspondence

 Collection 0029-LBR-RG1-013

This collection consists of letters exchanged between AFL president Samuel Gompers and U.S. president Woodrow Wilson during the latter part of Wilson's presidency, covering a wide variety of topics pertaining to labor and World War I between 1914 and 1919.

AFL Office of the President, Samuel Gompers' letterbooks

 Collection 0025-LBR-RG1-011

Samuel Gompers, the first President of the American Federation of Labor was also commissioner and chairman of the committee on Labor of the Advisory Commission of the Council of National Defense, and president of the American Alliance for Labor and Democracy. This collection comprises five volumes of Samuel Gompers' outgoing correspondence with those organizations as well as correspondence with AFL Executive Council members.

AFL Office of the Secretary-Treasurer, Account Books

 Collection 0065-LBR-RG2-009

The Office of the Secretary-Treasurer of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) maintained administrative and financial records for the activities of the AFL from 1887-1952. This collection consists of AFL account books, which document federation accounting practices during the Samuel Gompers era. Materials include financial and membership ledgers.

AFL Office of the Secretary-Treasurer, George Meany records

 Collection 0039-LBR-RG2-006
Abstract The Office of the Secretary-Treasurer of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) maintained administrative and financial records for the activities of the AFL from 1940-1952. This record group contains files accumulated and created by the Secretary-Treasurer George Meany that span Meany's time as secretary-treasurer from 1940-1952. The files include geographic files, statements, and reports related to the Economic Cooperation Administration, as well as war files, reference files, calendars...

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