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RG1. AFL-CIO. Office of the President

 Record Group

Found in 12 Collections and/or Records:

AFL and AFL-CIO Office of the President, Jurisdiction Books

 Collection 0020-LBR-RG1-041
Abstract This is a collection of jurisdiction books arranged by national and international union. The collection contains brief national and international union histories and chronologies compiled from various sources. Documents include: correspondence, memoranda, and telegrams between unions and federations (AFL, CIO, AFL-CIO) pertaining to jurisdictional issues, including charter applications, merger and amalgamation applications and notifications, and jurisdictional extension requests; minutes...

AFL-CIO Office of the President, George Meany papers

 Collection 0034-LBR-RG1-026
Abstract George Meany, born in 1894, was a major figure in the American labor movement, having served as President of the AFL-CIO for 24 years by the time of death in 1979. This is a collection of George Meany's early career papers, dating from 1935-1960, consists of material relating to his tenure as president of the New York State Federation of Labor (1935-1940), congratulatory messages and the telegrams on his elevation to Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL (1939), and personal correspondence...

AFL-CIO Office of the President, Joint Minimum Wage Committee records

 Collection 0018-LBR-RG1-039

This collection comprises the records of the AFL-CIO Joint Minimum Wage Committee from 1954 to 1960. The records document the work of the committee in supporting improvements of the minimum wage clause of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). It is especially rich in printed materials produced by the committee and acquired from other sources. In addition, a small number of records of the Joint Minimum Wage Committee (AFL, CIO, 1955) also appear.

AFL-CIO Office of the President, State and Local Central Bodies Merger records

 Collection 0019-LBR-RG1-028

After the 1955 merger of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO), the assistants to President George Meany, Peter M. McGavin and R.J. Thomas, were responsible for managing the state and local mergers. The records in this collection consist of correspondence, transcripts, minutes, and agreements that describe the steps necessary to unify state and local organizations after the merger on December 7, 1955.

AFL Office of the President, Building Cornerstone collection

 Collection 0013-LBR-RG1-040

On January 8, 1916 historically significant papers and memorabilia of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) were placed into a cornerstone of the AFL Headquarters building by labor leaders of that time period. This multi-media collection consists of AFL reports and proceedings, laws and hearings, photographs, an AFL badge, pennies, and a granite chip of the cornerstone.

AFL Office of the President, political correspondence

 Collection 0032-LBR-RG1-012

This collection of miscellaneous political correspondence consists of letters from American presidents, secretaries and under-secretaries of executive departments and agencies and from state governors. These letters were sent to American Federation of Labor (AFL) Presidents Samuel Gompers and William Green between 1908 and 1944.

AFL Office of the President, Rosa Lee Guard papers

 Collection 0015-LBR-RG1-010

Rosa Lee Guard was secretary to Samuel Gompers. Her papers consist of four folders that include her poetry, clippings of magazine and newspapers articles, her Br'er Rabbit stories and messages and magazine clippings of Br'er Rabbit stories by Joel Chandler Harris. Br'er Rabbit was Samuel Gompers' mascot and the creative stories written by Guard set Gompers as the inspiration for the rabbit character.

AFL Office of the President, Samuel Gompers and Woodrow Wilson correspondence

 Collection 0029-LBR-RG1-013

This collection consists of letters exchanged between AFL president Samuel Gompers and U.S. president Woodrow Wilson during the latter part of Wilson's presidency, covering a wide variety of topics pertaining to labor and World War I between 1914 and 1919.

AFL Office of the President, President's Files, William Green

 Collection 0060-LBR-RG1-023

William Green was president of the AFL from 1924-1952. This record group consists of files on unions in wartime, and correspondence with national and international unions from Green's time as president. Materials include correspondence, reports, memos, press releases, and minutes.

AFL Office of the President, President's Files, William Green

 Collection 0059-LBR-RG1-019

William Green was president of the AFL from 1924-1952. These papers describe his time in office from a personal rather than professional point of view. Types of documents include correspondence, memorabilia, and reference files.